American Diabetes Association Launches Insulin Affordability Website

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Insulin Affordability

Possessing more than three decades of medical experience, Dr. Lamont Tyler serves patients as medical director of OSF Medical Group Eastern Region Specialty Physician Services in Illinois. Apart from his day-to-day professional pursuits, Dr. Lamont Tyler supports many nonprofits, including the American Diabetes Association.

In conjunction with the Stand Up for Affordable Insulin initiative, the American Diabetes Association recently launched a new website aimed at raising awareness of the rising costs of insulin. The web portal also contains a petition that people can sign to lobby key stakeholders in the insulin industry to be more transparent and develop programs to help provide access to insulin for low-income individuals. The petition also asks for Congressional hearings regarding the steep increase in the cost of insulin in recent years.

Stand Up For Affordable Insulin, which can be accessed at, is a tool the American Diabetes Association believes will be valuable in the advocacy effort for insulin affordability. It contains pertinent information about insulin price increases, as well as testimonials from diabetes sufferers about how these rising costs have had an impact on their treatment and their lives.


Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and the Basic Differences between Them

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Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Since 2004, Dr. Lamont Tyler has served as a medical director at the OSF Medical Group in Bloomington, Illinois, where he oversees an urgent and acute care practice. Apart from his professional responsibilities, Dr. Lamont Tyler upholds a charitable commitment to the American Diabetes Association.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) comprises volunteers, diabetes patients, healthcare providers, and staff members that combine for a network of 1.5 million individuals. One of the main focuses of ADA is to educate the public on important topics, including the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes typically manifests in children and adolescents, and this form of the disease only appears in 5 percent of all diabetes patients. Individuals with this condition have bodies that do not produce sufficient amounts of insulin, a necessary hormone for transferring glucose from the bloodstream to the body’s cells. Insulin therapy allows patients to better manage their health.

In type 2 diabetes, which is the most common form of the disease, the body develops a resistance to insulin. The pancreas tries to compensate initially by making more, but after a while it cannot produce enough to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. People with type 2 diabetes typically have already had prediabetes, and testing for this can help doctors know to begin preventative treatments.

AAUCM Provides Immediate Care through Urgent Care Facilities

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American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine

Previously nominated as Illinois’ Family Physician of the Year, Dr. Lamont Tyler serves as a medical director at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, a 149-bed Level II trauma center in Bloomington, Illinois. Dr. Lamont Tyler also is a member of the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM).

AAUCM represents urgent care medicine (UCM) practitioners. These include physicians and their assistants, as well as nurse practitioners. As the “front line” of medical practice, UCM practitioners treat patients at emergency facilities.

UCM covers outpatient care of conditions encompassing a variety of illnesses and injuries that, when left untreated for 24 hours, could lead to irreversible health damage. These conditions include allergic reactions, pneumonia, diarrhea, and wounds or infections. AAUCM ensures that urgent care centers are equipped with the proper facilities and diagnostic equipment to ensure that immediate quality medical attention is provided. It is estimated that there are over 9,300 urgent care facilities across the country.

The Affordable Care Act and Population Health Management Share Goals

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Population Health Management

Dr. Lamont Tyler is currently the Regional Director of Specialty Services for OSF St. Joseph Medical Center and OSF Saint James – John W. Albrecht Medical Center in Illinois. Dr. Lamont Tyler is board-certified in urgent care and family medicine and has an interest in population health.

Population Health Management is a newer term that addresses the three linked objectives of health care within a specific population, derived from a demographic or a predetermined criterion, like ethnicity, gender, or economic status. The Triple Aim has three related goals: improving an individual’s health care experience, reducing the costs per person of health care, and improving the health of the predetermined segment of the population.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), made into law by President Obama in 2010, has many of the same goals as the Triple Aim of population health management. One of the goals of the ACA was to reduce the cost of health care, and to make health care available to all individuals, regardless of illness or expensive conditions. Before the ACA, insurance companies could deny coverage to individuals who had a history of cancer or diabetes. Untreated diabetes can create severe and sometimes fatal health complications.

Red Cross Responds to Northern California Spillway Event

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Red Cross

With more than 30 years’ experience practicing medicine, Dr. Lamont Tyler currently serves as the medical director of OSF Medical Group Eastern Region Specialty Physician Services in Illinois. Outside of his professional life, Dr. Lamont Tyler supports many charitable organizations, including the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross recently opened four community shelters in Northern California in response to flood waters cresting and overflowing the Oroville Dam spillways. All told, upwards of 188,000 people were ordered to leave their homes due to the potential danger, and the Red Cross estimates that nearly 5,000 people in the area made use the 28 community and Red Cross shelters.

The Red Cross and its partners worked around the clock to provide services to displaced individuals, including serving meals and distributing relief supplies. The organization had a staff of 130 people on the ground to help with the effort, as well as ten emergency response vehicles. Disaster response operations such as these are among the many relief services the Red Cross provides during and after natural disasters.

SF St. Joseph Medical Makes 100 ACOs to Know 2016 Listing

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Becker’s Hospital Review

Holding a DO from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Lamont Tyler serves as medical director of specialty physician services at the OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, where he treats patients for a variety of ailments. In September 2016, Dr. Lamont Tyler’s hospital earned mention among Becker’s Hospital Review 100 Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to Know 2016.

An annual listing that celebrates the efforts of Medicare and other commercial payer accountable care organizations, the ACOs to Know list offers recognition to those organizations that go above and beyond. It acknowledges health care organizations that take considerable measures to improve their quality of care, patient satisfaction, and care management. ACOs to Know are selected based on a number of factors including cost and quality performance, new commercial agreements, and participation in the Next Generation Model by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Furthermore, Becker’s Hospital Review does not accept payment for inclusion and presents organizations in alphabetical order, rather than constructing a detailed hierarchical ranking.

For additional information on the 100 ACOs to Know, visit

Therapy Dogs Comfort Patients through Karing Partners Program

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Karing Partners

A member of the American Academy of Family Medicine, Dr. Lamont Tyler possesses more a decade of teaching experience at Rush Medical School and the Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Lamont Tyler currently holds the position of medical director of specialty physician services at the OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Illinois. Patient services offered by the clinic include the animal assisted therapy program Karing Partners.

Karing Partners uses highly trained service dogs and their handlers to bring comfort to patients and improve their hospital experience. Visits from a certified therapy dog offer a number of benefits to patients, including reduced stress, pain, anxiety, and blood pressure. In addition, animal assisted therapy can increase communication and patient social interaction.

Handlers and their dogs must become certified by one of three therapy dog certification organizations in order to participate in Karing Partners. In order to receive certification, they must pass a strict evaluation process to ensure the safety of patients, staff, handlers, and canines. Furthermore, handlers and their dogs must participate in shadowed visits at the medical center prior to full program acceptance. Handlers must also receive an annual flu shot.

In addition to certification, the canines themselves must get along well with people and dogs, follow basic commands, remain up-to-date on vaccinations, and meet all health requirements. They also must remain calm and walk loosely on a leash at all times.

To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit